Philanthropy In Action

The Philanthropy in Action Award honours members of the greater Fredericton region who have given of their time, talent and financial resources for the well-being of the community and surrounding areas.   

Held annually at The Fredericton Inn at the end of May, the event sees hundreds of citizens coming together to congratulate the recipients and to celebrate the importance of doing good work within our community. 


For the last ten years...

The Philanthropy in Action award has honoured and celebrated philanthropic efforts in our community. Philanthropy is often defined as the voluntary giving of time and financial resources to promote the well-being of human kind.  Philanthropy begins in the community through individuals, families, corporations and youth.

The recipients of the award are residents of the Greater Fredericton Area, and can be nominated at any time throughout the year by any individual, non-profit organization, company or staff/board member of the Fredericton Community Foundation. 

The success of this event has resulted in the creation of the Philanthropy in Action Grant, which awards the recipient $10,000 to donate to an organization of their choice, allowing the night to be a celebration of philanthropy in our community, and ensuring the fulfillment of our motto, For Good. Forever. 

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Want to be part of our Philanthropy In Action Award Dinner?

The public is invited to attend the Philanthropy in Action Awards dinner in May 2020. Stay tuned for more information about the event and purchasing tickets.

We welcome various forms of sponsorship! This event is made possible through the generous support of Stewart McKelvey and other community minded corporate citizens. If you would like to be involved in sponsoring our Philanthropy in Action Dinner, please reach out.

For more details on sponsorship or to buy your tickets, please contact the Fredericton Community Foundation at 506-454-2262 or email us at