Grant Application Deadlines

Community Grant
April 1 and October 1

Rosemary’s Pantry Grant
Deadline is May 15

Impact Grant
Third Wednesday in September

Community Grant Application

Complete the Grant Application document. 

  • To learn more about how grants are evaluated, please review the Discussion Guide. This is the guide that our Grant-making Committee uses to help evaluate the many applications that we receive. You may find the discussion guide particularly useful when preparing your application for funding.

Rosemary’s Pantry Grant Application

Complete the Rosemary’s Pantry Application document.

  • Submit 10 copies of the application document by the deadline.

  • If required, you may add additional information in support of your application. Please attach this information to all copies of your application.

  • Attach copies of your most recent Annual Financial Statements (Audited if available) to your application.

  • Please note that Post Project Reports are required at the completion of your project. If you do not submit a Post Project Report, future grant applications will not be considered.

Impact Grant Application

Stage 1: On or before the third Wednesday of September you must submit 10 copies of the following

  • A brief description (2 pages maximum) of your project, including anticipated community impact, and potential partnerships as well as projected costs.
  • A completed Grant Application
  • Your most recent financial statement.

Stage 2: Upon review of the applications, the Grant-making Committee will select one or more finalists and ask each finalist to make a presentation to the Committee. The Committee may contact the finalists ahead of time to request specific information.

  • Note: Applicants who qualify for the interview stage should be prepared to provide details about how receiving an amount less than what they applied for will impact their program/project. (For example, if the applicant applied for $20,000, they must be prepared to indicate how receiving a grant of $10,000 or $15,000 would impact their program/project.)

For more information, please contact us.