October 7-11, 2019

Kindness Week is a chance to showcase the kind deeds, big and small, our community does all year round. Whether you’re an individual, a business or a fellow non-profit, we hope you’ll consider planning an act of kindness that will impact your community.

Participating in Kindness week is easy

Step 1: Perform an act of kindness, on your own in the community or in your business or workplace.

Step 2: Post your act of kindness on social media using #FrederictonKind and tag us!

Step 3: Feel good and inspire others to take part by continuing to share and post acts of kindness in our city

What can i Do?

Looking for some kindness ideas? Any act of kindness no matter the magnitude is encouraged! Buy a coffee for the car behind you in the drive through, carry someone’s groceries to the car, stop in and visit a neighbour, bake treats for the office or volunteer at a local charity. These are just some ideas of how you can brighten someone’s day with a little kindness.

Get your organization involved

Looking to get your business or organization in on the kindness? We have businesses around the city planning great initiatives. Think of how you can bring kindness to our community and show what this community means to you. Let us know what you’re planning in the form below and we might stop by in our “Kindness mobile” to help spread the word about your kindness! 

Make sure to share your kindness on social media to inspire others to do the same.

#FrederictonKind #KindnessWeek


Let us know what you’re planning for Kindness Week

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