2019 Spring Granting Session Recipients

General community grants represent the bulk of our funding to local charities and organizations. These grants are awarded twice per year and are usually in the amount of $500 – $5,000. In the spring of 2019, we granted a little over $85,000 in the greater Fredericton region with use of our community grants. The grants given in this session are from our Community Fund, unless otherwise stated. Our focus of this money is on charities that deliver resource, programming or opportunities in one or more of the following areas: Arts & Culture, Heritage, Youth, Environment, Health & Wellness, Education, Athletics, & Social Development. Check out our Fall grant recipients below!


Kids help phone

This grant is for their Fredericton School Mailing project that will see promotional packages consisting of posters, wallet cards, Crisis Text Line stickers, and a letter to educators distributed to 24 schools in the greater Fredericton area. Packages will be mailed in September 2019 and will increase the awareness of children and youth of the services offered by Kids Help Phone.

Amount received: $4,800 (funding from Jeff McGuigan Fund for Mental Health)


Kings landing foundation

This grant will provide six bursaries for the Visiting Cousins Summer camp program open to youth ages 9 – 14. Campers dress in costume and interact with the interpreters in the homes at Kings Landing.  Bursaries are provided for 14 youth from low income families to cover the cost of the tuition and the camp kit.

Amount received: $3,360 (funding from Rosemary’s Youth Fund)


Beaverbrook art gallery

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery is expanding their Afterschool Art Outreach Program.  They will partner with Montgomery Street School and Priestman Street School to deliver programs to children from low income families and from newcomer/multicultural families.  They also plan to offer a program on Wednesday afternoons at the Fredericton Public Library.  This program piloted in January and February and combined reading, writing and visual literacy with art.  Fifteen children participated and 20 were on a wait list. 

Amount received: $4,650 (funding from Isaac’s Way Youth Fund)


Fredericton playhouse

This grant is for the School Field Trip Accessibility Initiative.  The School Field Trip program is a series of matinee performances for students in grades K-12. The Accessibility Initiative supports this program by providing an opportunity for teachers and schools to apply for free admissions to the performances as well as a bussing subsidy.  The Playhouse will allocate 800 performance admissions to be awarded to local schools free of charge.  There will also be bussing subsidies available. 

Amount received: $4,000 (funding from Rosemary’s Youth Fund)


beaverbrook auditorium/tnb

This grant will go towards bursary support for the 2019-2020 theatre school at Theatre NB.  Children in Grades K-12 are eligible to participate in the theatre school.  They have also developed relationships with various groups such as St. Marys’ First Nation, Fredericton Multicultural Association, Fredericton Pride and others to expand their reach.

Amount received: $4,870 (funding from Rosemary’s Youth Fund)


Canadian deafblind Association NB

This grant will be used to send six clients and their families to the Sensory Family Camp.  This annual camp is for clients, the client’s intervenor and the client’s family.  Clients must have their intervenor attend camp with them.

Amount Received: $5,000 (funding from the Creed Beattie Fund)


Chief harold sappier memorial elementary school

This grant is for the purchase of band equipment for the new school concert band for students in Grades 3 – 5.  They plan to host two school concerts and then a concert open to the public in June.

Amount Received: $4,700 (funding from the Lillian Covey Fund)


Musical Ventures - NB SUmmer Music Festival

The NB Summer Music Festival is a two week (August 6 - 17) classical musical festival held annually in Fredericton.  This grant will be used towards artist fees for free community outreach concerts including Artistic Spaces and the FUZE festival.  They will also use the funding to offer reduced ticket prices for students and seniors and free admission to those who cannot afford the ticket prices. 

Amount Received: $3,000


Fredericton high school glee choir

This grant was to assist with costs for the Glee Choir trip to Toronto that took place May 8th – 12th. Thirty-six students travelled to Toronto to perform in a concert, take in the sights and see a professional theatre performance.

Amount Received: $4,800 (funding from the Lillian Covey Fund and the Simmonds Youth Fund)


fredericton homeless shelters

This grant is for their Integrated Service Delivery Model project that has been underway since late 2018 and is now showing results.  This project offers residents weekly access to mental health support workers.   To date, approximately 75 shelter residents have transitioned out of the shelter over the past six months.

Amount Received: $4,000 (funding from the Blanchard Family Poverty Reduction Fund)


adult literacy fredericton

This grant is for their annual book sale, The Happy Booker Book Sale.  This is their largest fundraising event and is quite popular.

Amount Received: $1,000


l’arche fredericton

This grant is for the Community Hub: Promotions & Communications Project.  They Community Hub was started in May 2018 but is not receiving the attendance at events that was anticipated; therefore, they would like to investigate reasons for the poor attendance.  They will also use the opportunity to promote the organization.

Amount Received: $1,500


meals on wheels fredericton

Meals on Wheels Fredericton uses their computers to coordinate their clients, volunteers, meal requests, meal rotations, etc.  This grant is for the replacement of three computers and the purchase Windows 10 for one computer.

Amount Received: $2,700 (funding from the Jim & Beth Clark Fund)


camp kerry society - atlantic region

This program addresses the mental health of parents, children and youth who have experienced the death of a family member by facilitating a four-day weekend retreat.  They are also developing a one-day retreat and a monthly support program.  This grant will be used to cover the costs of two Fredericton area families to attend both the 2019 4-day family retreat and the 1-day retreat as well as the monthly support program (held in Saint John). 

Amount Received: $5,000 (funding from the McDougall Family Fund)


nature conservancy of canada

The Nature Conservancy protects a 21-acre wetland in Lincoln and shares a trail through the wetland with the Lincoln Elementary School.  This grant will be used for trail maintenance work, adding signage and interpretive material along the trail, building a wooden locker to store tools as well as promotion to encourage people to explore the trail. 

Amount Received: $2,000


friends of the fredericton public library

This grant is for the purchase of a Community Fridge – the first in New Brunswick.  The community fridge will be located in a public space at the library allowing food to be shared freely within the community.  They will partner with Greener Village and Community Harvest Gardens on this project.  Initially they will offer fruit, sandwiches, salads, yogurt, milk, juice to anyone visiting the library.  They will also be offering programs around nutrition, food safety and food production.  Food waste and its environmental impacts will be explored during the Summer Reading Club.

Amount Received: $4,000 (funding from the Jim and Beth Clark Fund)


cat rescue maritimes (carma) - Fredericton

This is a volunteer organization that works to address the feral cat problem through a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program.  To achieve their goal of sterilizing 500 cats per year, they operate large scale clinic models using trained volunteers and donated veterinary services.  This grant will be used for the costs (pharmaceuticals and supplies) of a fall spay/neuter clinic booked for September at Douglas Animal Hospital. 

Amount Received: $2,895


learning disabilities association of nb

This grant will be used for a Parent Community Support Group.  This is a Facebook group for parents and guardians of children with learning disabilities.  There will also be quarterly in-person meetings with guest speakers and creation of an online database of local and online support resources. 

Amount Received: $1,000


frontier college

This grant is for two projects – one providing free tutoring in literacy and essential skills for immigrants in partnership with the Multicultural Association and the other is to continue offering free individual and small group learning for children, youth and adults in homework, reading clubs, school programs and GED programs.  They have approximately 100 volunteer tutors and they anticipate the tutors will contribute about 2,000 tutoring hours.

Amount Received: $5,000


roots of empathy

In the Roots of Empathy program, a parent, infant and trained instructor visit a school with the goal of building a caring, peaceful and civil society through the development of empathy in children and adults.  This grant will be used for the training of a new instructor for a school in the Greater Fredericton area.

Amount Received: $4,500 (funding from the Jim and Beth Clark fund)



This organization provides support for individuals with blood cancer and investing in research.  This grant will provide Empower Packs to persons with blood cancer in the Fredericton area.  The Empower Pack is a canvas tote bag that contains an appointment calendar; medication, test result, symptom and expense tracking tools; address book; various support materials customized to a patient’s diagnosis; gift cards and information books.

Amount Received: $2,500 (funding from the Jim and Beth Clark Fund)


ability New Brunswick

This grant is for their Peer Mentorship for Youth with a Disability in Fredericton program.  This is a one-day learning event that complements their Transition NB program.  Transition NB is a program that works one on one with youth ages 16 to 30 with a mobility disability to reach education and career goals.

Amount Received: $5,000 (funding from the FredKid Youth Fund)


opal family services

Opal Family Services offers support to families who have a dependent with an intellectual disability and they maintain a three-bedroom apartment for respite care. This grant will be used towards the rent of this apartment.  The apartment has been booked 87% of the time over the past year. 

Amount received: $5,000