2017 Fall Granting Session Recipients

General community grants represent the bulk of our funding to local charities and organizations. These grants are awarded twice per year and are usually in the amount of $500 – $5,000. In the fall of 2017, we granted a little over $61,000 in the greater Fredericton region with use of our community grants. Our focus of this money is on charities that deliver resource, programming or opportunities in one or more of the following areas: Arts & Culture, Heritage, Youth, Environment, Health & Wellness, Education, Athletics, & Social Development. Check out our Fall grant recipients below!


Alzheimer Society of NB

Following the success of their pilot project, they plan to introduce their Intergenerational Music Program. This would be in partnership with a local school and a nursing home. Seniors would be matched with two students, who develop a playlist for the senior based on information collected from them. Funds would be used for the costs of the program including the purchase of equipment such as MP3 players, headphones, and iTunes cards.

Amount received: $2,000 (Covey Fund)


Centre Juenesses Musicales Canada-fredericton

Centre JMC-Fredericton promotes classical music and helps professional musicians, singers, and composers develop their career. They offer four concerts per year including one opera. This year they would like to offer free admission to school aged children (accompanied by an adult) for the concerts; free workshops with performers before the concerts; a concert for pre-school and school aged children; young artists the opportunity to perform at concerts; and Young Audiences Musical Discovery workshops to day care centres. Funds would cover the cost of all of the above programs. 

Amount received: $3,000 (Covey Fund)


Minister of FInance George STreet Middle School Band Program

The George Street Middle School band currently has a small volunteer tutor program. They would like to expand this by paying the tutors. Tutors will be recruited from the Fredericton Concert & Marching Band, STU Jazz, The Thomists, FHS Music programs etc. Funds would be used to cover the cost of 100 tutor hours. 

Amount received: $2,000 (Covey Fund)


Fredericton Arts & Learning

This grant is for the 2018 Shivering Songs Songwriters' Intensive, a 3-day workshop for emerging musicians. Twelve emerging musicians are selected to participate in the workshop and wrap up with a public performance highlighting the songs they worked on during. Funds would be used for lead artist costs as well as providing meals for the workshop participants. 

Amount received: $3,000 (Covey Fund)


Minister of Finance-Connaught Street School 

Connaught Street School offers a Healthy Snack Program to all students once per week on Wednesday mornings. All students can participate regardless of the family's ability to contribute. Snacks are preapred and delivered by parent volunteers and local businesses are used for any food that needs purchasing. Funds would be used towards the cost of the food, specifically for those students whose families can not afford to contribute to the program. 

Amount received: $780 (Rosemary's Pantry Fund)


Fredericton Arts Alliance

This grant is for the Art Off the Streets project. Over the past two years, the Fredericton Art's Alliance has offered workshops at the Shelter with positive feedback. This project will see artists provide workshops such as writing, photography, painting, woodworking, etc. for the residents of the two homeless shelters. Funds will be used to cover the cost of the workshops.

Amount Received: $3,000


Fredericton Homeless Shelters

This grant is for general operations of the two shelters. They have trained staff available for 23 hours per day and also offer residents with access to the Resident Transition Planner who assists them with goal setting and transition planning. Funds would be used to cover those operational costs. 

Amount Received: $4,000


Falls brook centre

This grant is for workshops to make plastic sleeping mats. The sleeping mats are made from plastic bags and once they are mad, they will be donated to the homeless and refuge communities. They plan to hold 6 workshops free of charge and encourage participation from the shelters and Multicultural association. Funds will be used for space rental and purchase of supplies. 

Amount Received: $1,000


Chimo Helpline

Chimo Helpline would like to create a bilingual information brochure and poster that will promote their helpline. This will be in addition to their website and social media. They received 11,313 calls in 2016 and the top three call categories were loneliness, mental health and suicide. Brochures and posters will be distributed to senior and health facilities, campuses and through Chimo's agency partners. They will also be available to order. Funds would be used to cover the cost of design and printing for 2,000 brochures and 250 posters. 

Amount Received: $1,100 (Jeff McGuigan Fund for Mental Health)


Hope Air

Hope Air provides free flights for Canadians who need to travel to healthcare and are in financial need. This project, Flights of Hope, will provide 10 free flights ($219 per flight) for Fredericton residents who must travel to specialized healthcare and are in financial need. Funds will be used to cover the cost of the 10 flights for Fredericton residents. 

Amount Received: $2,500



A Hippocampe beach & all terrain pool wheelchair enables those with mobility issues to access areas such as nature trails, beaches, snow-covered trails, etc. Ability NB currently has one in their Equipment Loan program and it is offered for a two-week rental period year-round, free of charge. Because of demand, they would like to purchase an additional Hippocampe wheelchair, which would be shared with the Saint John area. the Saint John Community Foundation has already contributed to half of the purchase price. Funds would be used for the Fredericton share of the chair and its attachments. 

Amount Received: $6,000 ($5,020-Creed Beattie Fund, $980-Community Fund)


MS Society of Canada-Atlantic Division

The MS Society's Quality of Life Grant program helps individuals with MS pay for equipment such as walkers, handrails, and Lifelines. It also assists with the cost for emergency transportation and long-distance travel for medical appointments, as well as other various expenses. This grant is for the December 2017-December 2018 applications for assistance from persons with MS in the Fredericton area. 

Amount Received: $3,000


Nature Conservancy of Canada

The Nature Conservancy has shared a trail with Lincoln Elementary School. The trail is approximately 0.8km in length. They would like to establish a volunteer steward committee to keep this trail maintained, comprised of community members and students from Lincoln Elementary. Trail maintenance is essential to allow safe and easy access to the trail. Funds would be used for promotional materials, trail maintenance equipment and a wildlife or nest box camera. 

Amount Received: $1,000


Canadian Cancer society nb

The Candian Cancer Society's Practical Assistance Program provides free wigs and headwear for patients undergoing treatment. In 2016/2017 they provided 40 wigs and 30 turbans to cancer patients in the Greater Fredericton Area. Funds would be used to cover the cost of the wigs and headwear. 

Amount Received: $2,500


Youth in transition (Chrysalis house)

Chrysalis House provides youth ages 16-19 with a safe living environment. The metal bed frames in the house are not as safe as they are frequently breaking and the mattresses are falling through. They plan to purchase military grade metal bed frames and they are working with a local company to get the best price. Funds would be used to cover the cost of 10 metal bed frames.

Amount Received: $4,600


Science East

Science East offers one-week March Break camps and Summer Science Camps for children aged 5-12. They also provide a bursary program for children whose families can not afford the registration fees. Funds would be used to cover the cost of 18 Fredericton area children to attend either a March Break or Summer Science Camp.

Amount Received: $2,880


Opal III - Fredericton respite services

This grant is for their Enhanced Volunteer Program and Activity Program for Children and Adults with Special Needs. OPAL offers support and respite to 180 families (214 clients) and they currently have a waiting list of OPAL families requesting volunteers. This program aims to boost volunteer recruitment and build relationships with community partners such as UNB, STU, YMCA, Best Buddies, Autism Connections, Volunteer Centre, etc. Funds will be used for all project costs such as staff time, screening and matching volunteers, coordination with other organizations, etc. 

Amount Received: $4,500


Children's International Summer Village (CISV)

CISV Fredericton is hosting an International People's Project in 2018, which is a way to learn while contributing to a community. This will be in partnership with Habitat for Humanity and will in addition to volunteering with a Habitat build project, participants will have learning opportunities with various speakers and visits. Participants will have to research homelessness and housing stability in their own country. Funds will be used for an educational/cultural event, such as a trip to St. Mary's First Nation Community, as well as transportation costs. 

Amount Received: $1,500


Family Enrichment and COunselling Service

Family enrichment is noticing that more individuals are experiencing Post Separation Domestic Violence. They would like to offer 60 free counselling sessions to individuals experiencing this abuse. They plan to reduce their counselling fee by $10 per session and this grant would cover the balance. Funds would be used to cover the remaining $90 for the counselling sessions.

Amount Received: $5,000


Fredericton ymca

This grant is for the Family Friend Program. This program offers support to single parents by providing information and referrals, one-on-one support and mentoring, opportunities to learn new skills and a chance to socialize with other parents. They may also match participants with a volunteer mentor. Funds would be used for a guest speaker fees, refreshments, and books for the resource library.

Amount Received: $3,000


John Howard Society of fredericton

This is a joint project with Connaught Street School to provide a once per week, ten-week program to teach parents how to help their children with emotion management. They will select 10 families to participate in the program.Students are already being taught these skills in the classroom and this program will help parents reinforce that work. The program will also provide childcare and meal for the participants. Funds will be used for staff and supervision time, materials and supplies, meals and insurance. 

Amount Received: $3,000


Kiwanis club of saint john

The Kiwanis Club provides 3-day Key Leader camps for youth ages 14-18. It is anticipated that approximately 22 of these youth with come from the Greater Fredericton Area. These camps focus on Service Leadership (Integrity, Personal Growth, Respect, Community and Excellence). This grant is for a spring (May 2018) camp at Camp Argonaut on Base Gagetown. Funds will subsidize 22 youth from the Fredericton area at a cost of 225$ per student to attend the camp.

Amount Received: $2,600