2018 Fall Granting Session Recipients

General community grants represent the bulk of our funding to local charities and organizations. These grants are awarded twice per year and are usually in the amount of $500 – $5,000. In the fall of 2018, we granted a little over $71,000 in the greater Fredericton region with use of our community grants. Our focus of this money is on charities that deliver resource, programming or opportunities in one or more of the following areas: Arts & Culture, Heritage, Youth, Environment, Health & Wellness, Education, Athletics, & Social Development. Check out our Fall grant recipients below!


NB Youth Orchestra

This grant is for their Sistema NB program which is a free, after school program that engages students in music instruction and orchestral performance. They currently have 35 students and 2 teaching artists, and hope to double that to 70 students and 4 teaching artists. Funds will be used to purchase musical instruments.

Amount received: $5,000 (funding from the Covey Fund)


Jeunesses Musicales Canada - Fredericton

Centre JMC - Fredericton is offering free admission for school-aged children to concerts, promoting classical music to children and youth, thus enhancing opportunity for children to perform in this field. Funds are going to be used to cover the costs of all of the programs relating to young audiences.

Amount received: $2,500 (funding from the Covey Fund)


Nashwaak Villa

This grant is for their music therapy program that is ran twice a month. The funds will be used to increase this program to three days a month, so that they can provide group music movement programs, sing alongs and one on one sessions to more residents of the Nashwaak Villa and develop their choir further.

Amount received: $4,975 (funding from J & B Clark Fund)


Fredericton SOciety of Saint Andrew Pipe Band

This grant is to purchase new band uniforms and raise professionalism of the band by outfitting them with new sporrans, argyle waistcoats and neckties. This will help outfit their Grade 3 and Grade 4 bands.

Amount received: $2,000 (funding from Covey Fund)


Royal Road Elementary School

The Royal Road Elementary School band is developing a long term plan to make their school band sustainable so that current and future students will be able to participate in a high quality band. This grant will be used to purchase new equipment for the band.

Amount received: $5,000 (funding from Covey Fund)


NB Sports hall of fame

This grant is for FEST FORWARD being held November 2018. FEST FORWARD aims to assist New Brunswick musicians in moving forward by providing professional development opportunities. FEST FORWARD will provide up to ten musical groups with an opportunity to showcase their talent as well as have access to professional development resources such as workshops, recording sessions, photo shoots, etc. The grant will be used for travel costs, accommodations, catering, professional fees, festival supplies, equipment rental, etc.

Amount Received: $3,220 (Covey Fund)


Nb Sports Hall of Fame

This grant is for their Honoured Members project which aims to create bilingual videos of some of the Fredericton area Hall of Famers. The videos will reside on the Honoured Members website as well as being shared on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. The funds from this grant will be used for video production and photography.

Amount Received: $3,000


fredericton ymca

This grant is for the Strong Kids Campaign. This is an annual fundraising campaign that funds their membership and camp scholarship assistance program. Funds will be used directly for scholarship membership assistance.

Amount Received: $2,000


Fredericton botanic garden association

This grant for the installation of a Pollinator Garden. They have a multi-year plan that includes the development of 1-2 themed beds every year. The garden will include garden beds, wheelchair accessible pathways, benches, pollinator habitat and educational signage. Funds will be used to cover the cost of signage, a garden seed giveaway station and construction of a wheelchair accessible pathway.

Amount Received: $2,000



This grant is for the Tech Talk program that will be available to all residents with sight loss. It will have weekly online groups discussing technology and will have a “tech bar” at the CNIB office so that individuals can try the tech before purchasing it. Funds will be used for fee for weekly meetings, volunteer costs and assistive technology demos.

Amount Received: $3,000


solo chicken productions

The Spirit Project is a partnership with L’Arche Fredericton, Charlotte Street Arts Centre, the NB Film Coop, and Open Your Art. It is a year-long art based project that will facilitate a series of art based workshops. The workshops are open to adults with disabilities as well as other community members, including caregivers, family and volunteers. Funds granted will be used to cover the cost of project facilitators.

Amount Received: $4,000


earth rangers

This grant is for their School Assembly program for grades 1-6. This presentation features live animals and interactive components. Funds will be used to bring this program to four Fredericton area elementary schools with the goal of reaching 800 students.

Amount Received: $3,000


Opal III - Fredericton Respite services

This grant is for their Respite Education and Recruitment Campaign. They plan to launch a 5month social media campaign to educate the public about respite care as well as recruit new volunteers. This campaign is being done with the help of The Ginger Agency. Funds will be used to cover the costs of launching the website and social media campaign, staff training and staff time.

Amount Received: $4,000


cisv Fredericton

This grant is for their Scaling our Impact Program. The program will reach out to other local organizations and offer free participation at monthly CISV activities for a year. Their goal is to double their youth participation rate from 20-30 participants to 40-60 participants. Funds will be used for additional costs of participants at activities.

Amount Received: $2,000


ducks unlimited

This grant is for their Wetland Education Program and Outdoor Classroom. This project will support educational materials as well as providing five classes from a Fredericton area school with a wetland field trip experience, giving them hands on learning experience at a local wetland.

Amount Received: $2,200


autism connections

This grant is for their Art is a Spectrum autism art gallery project. They plan to develop a permanent art gallery at Autism Connections with the art in the gallery being done by artists who have autism. Funds will be used for the installation of the wall fixtures at autism connections, the framing of the art, the launch event and costs associated with a tour to other autism centres in New Brunswick.

Amount Received: $2,500


youth in transition

Youth in Transition operates Chrysalis House, a residence for homeless youth. The furniture in their common area is in poor condition due to extensive use. The funds will be used to purchase a sectional couch with extensive warranty and durable, resistant fabric.

Amount Received: $2,875


l’Arche Fredericton Inc

This grant is for a Community Hub in Fredericton. Currently they have a weekly gathering and a monthly community supper that they wish to continue to provide at a temporary location while they search for a permanent location. Funds will be used for a worker to be present at the meetings, as well as for insurance for the use of their current location.

Amount Received: $3,000


john Howard SOciety of Fredericton

The Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities is a joint project with the Connaught Street School that was piloted in the last school year. This program is held weekly for 8 weeks. During the program children and parents are separated and each group works with a John Howard facilitator. They come together for a family meal and group presentation. It teaches parents the social/emotional language and strategies that students are learning at school and this allows them to better communicate with their children. Funds will be used for staff wages, resource materials and meals for the participants.

Amount Received: $4,345 (Partial funding from Rosemary’s Pantry Fund)


Fredericton homeless shelters

This grant is for their Continuum of Care project that focuses on housing, mental health, and physical health of shelter residents. they provide assistance to help their clients obtain and maintain housing. They also have a variety of services available to assists their clients in accessing physical and mental health services . Funds will be used for the medications fund and staff support for intervention and stabilization.

Amount Received: $4,000


sport NB - Fredericton Synchronized swimming club

This grant is for their Learn to Synchro recreational program that will provide learn to swim and synchro programming to indigenous and newcomer youth. They plan to offer this program to youth ages 7-13 from St. Mary’s First Nation and newcomer Canadians from the Multicultural Association of Fredericton. Funds will be used to subsidize registration fees for up to 7 youth, develop promotional materials, provide swimsuits, caps, goggles, and nose plugs to the 7 youth.

Amount Received: $4,000


chimo helpline

This grant is for a pilot project to expand their services to include a Live Chat option. The Live Chat will be beneficial because it provides an opportunity for more privacy/anonymity, as well as providing an option for those who may not be able to phone the Helpline or simply prefer not to. The Live Chat is an easy addition to their current system and they estimate only a month to implement. Funds will be used for technology components, software subscription fees, and training.

Amount Received: $6,000