2017 Impact Grant Recipients

The purpose of our Impact Grants is to provide funds for projects or programs that will have a positive impact on the community and that would not occur without the Foundation’s support. The Impact Grant will represent a significant component of the project’s overall budget, but preference will be given to projects that are able to leverage funds from other sources as a result of the Foundation’s grant.

The John Howard Society of Fredericton, along with Fredericton Arts & Learning have been selected to receive the Fredericton Community Foundation’s Impact Grants for 2017. The awards are valued at $13,850 and $23,650, respectively.

 Credit: Joy Cummings Professional Photography

Credit: Joy Cummings Professional Photography


Fredericton Arts & Learning-Charlotte Street Arts Centre

The Charlotte Street Arts Centre is a unique community of artists and cultural organizations that works to make the arts accessible to all. Established in 2005 by a grassroots group of artists and community activists, the Charlotte Street Arts Centre’s historic building presents cultural performances, recitals, film festivals, art workshops, exhibitions, and more. Through ArtReach, our community outreach platform, the Charlotte Street Arts Centre brings the enormous benefits of arts-based programs to underserved community members, such as newcomer families, at-risk youth, and senior groups. The Charlotte Street Arts Centre is committed to ensuring that the arts are available to all, so that everyone has the opportunity to grow and meaningfully participate in Fredericton’s vibrant cultural community.

As part of this commitment, the Charlotte Street Arts Centre has recently embarked on an ambitious construction and renovation project to make our facilities more inclusive and barrier-free. We are finishing the construction of a building extension with a full-sized elevator, and have renovated our spaces to be accessible and to accommodate enhanced and expanded community programs. 

Thanks to the generosity of the Fredericton Community Foundation, the Charlotte Street Arts Centre will be able to properly and appropriately equip these newly renovated spaces to become a truly dynamic vehicle for community engagement. Through our 2018 Community ‘Renaissance’ Performing Arts Project, the Charlotte Street Arts Centre will acquire much-needed performing arts equipment that can be accessed and used by members of our community. With accessible spaces that are properly equipped, we will enormously enhance the quality of performances we host and the programs that we offer. In 2018 we will launch new ArtReach programs such as the NB Girls Rock! Afterschool Program. With equipped and accessible spaces, the Charlotte Street Arts Centre will grow our vibrant cultural community through outreach that is participatory, inclusive, and empowering. 

At the Charlotte Street Arts Centre, we believe that everybody should have the opportunity to become empowered and socially engaged through creative self-expression. Thanks to the support from the Fredericton Community Foundation, the Charlotte Street Arts Centre will become more inclusive and dynamically engaging for all members of the community, initiating a cultural ‘Renaissance’ that everyone will be able to access and enjoy.

 Credit: Joy Cummings Professional Photography

Credit: Joy Cummings Professional Photography

John Howard Society of Fredericton

The John Howard Society of Fredericton Inc. has been providing services to the community of Fredericton’s disenfranchised population since 1955.  As one of the oldest community service agencies, we continue to advance service offerings to meet the ever-increasing needs of our most vulnerable citizens, specifically the homeless population in our community.

In addition to our supportive housing developments and skill-based services, JHSF has also been involved with street based Outreach services.   Operating on our own in various forms for the past two decades, we have now collaborated with Capital Region Mental Health & Addictions Association to offer the Housing First Outreach (HFO) team.  Since 2015, we have maintained a staff of five funded through grants received from Service Canada, Social Development NB and with a grant for technology resources though Fredericton Community Foundation (funding awarded to Capital Region Mental Health & Addictions).

During the initial year and a half of the HFO service, outreach workers were tasked with not only providing the support services but also were required to work with local landlords/social development to secure housing for clients.   As numbers continued to grow beyond capacity, a new opportunity to both increase services and refine our approach presented.

Recognizing the need for additional staffing, JHSF embarked on yet another community first by hiring a Housing Specialist with a grant from Post-Secondary Education Training & Labour.  This position is designed to support the Outreach team and remove the duties of housing procurement from the team which in turn allows them to focus primarily on the provision of supports.  

With the support of the Fredericton Community Foundation we will be able to continue to provide the services necessary to secure affordable housing and support our most vulnerable population.