10th Annual Philanthropy in Action Award Recipients Announced

The Fredericton Community Foundation is excited to announce that Brian Johnson & Joe Dobbelsteyn have been named the 2019 recipients of the Fredericton Community Foundation’s Philanthropy in Action Award.  They will receive their awards at a gala dinner celebration presented by Stewart McKelvey on May 23rd, 2019 at the Fredericton Inn. 

The Philanthropy in Action Award honours members of the greater Fredericton region who have given of their time, talent and financial resources for the well-being of the community and surrounding areas.  This year’s honourees have all been long-standing and humble contributors to worthy causes in our community, volunteering their very special talents and countless hours to causes that they also support financially.

“This year, for our 10th anniversary of the Philanthropy in Action Award we will be celebrating two individuals who have positively impacted our community,” said Kate Rogers, Executive Director of the Fredericton Community Foundation.  “The recipients have specifically worked with the youth and seniors in our community, and we are happy to recognize the importance of both Brian’s and Joe’s work across all ages in our city.”

As a special part of the evening, the recipients will get to give out a Philanthropy in Action Grant, which gives each recipient $5,000 to donate to an organization of their choice, on the night of the event. This grant gives the recipients the opportunity to celebrate and perpetuate more philanthropy within our community.

Brian’s community service is extensive . He served as the President of the UNB Men’s hockey team for 18 years and has been a major financial supporter of UNB athletics, received the UNB Certificate of Achievement Award .The Kingswood Turnaround Achievement Award (TAA) in its 25th year honours students who have turned their lives around.  The TAA has given over $400,000 in scholarships to over 1000 students in 22 schools in Fredericton region. The Friendship Hockey Series, Brian received Queen Elizabeth ll Diamond Jubilee Award , Citation from the Common Wealth of Massachusetts, Spirit of the Game Award Hockey Canada, recognized in the Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame  . Also received Canadian Museum Assoc Award for Philanthropy , JD Irving Arts Award , Premiers Disability Award and several other awards

Joe has been involved with over 300 hour of volunteer work in Fredericton, with a focus on the well being of the senior community. He was instrumental in the founding of Pine Grove Nursing home, in which he convinced his church to provide land, and the government to provide support for the nursing home, raised funds to have it built, hired staffed and welcomed all the initial residents. He has been a frequent donor and volunteer to the United Way, John Howard Society, Chalmers Foundation and St. Dunstan’s Parish. He also spearheaded the Festival of Lights fundraising event at Pine Grove Nursing Home, which erects more than 80 trees and wreaths as a way to raise funds for the nursing home. Joe not only raised the money through the sponsorships of the trees, but was hands on in his work of setting up the wiring and electrical panels in the snow to ensure the hook up of the trees.

Brian and Joe have both given hundreds of hours each year to their philanthropic activities, on top of their generous financial contributions.  The kindness and respect that they pay to everyone in our community, regardless of position, is a shining example of philanthropy in action.

The public is invited to attend the Philanthropy in Action Award Dinner.  Tickets are $150.  Corporate sponsorship opportunities also exist.  For more information on the award, visit https://www.fredfdn.ca/philanthropy-in-action/

Katie Beers