Introducing FCF Summer Student, Julia Pazzano

The Fredericton Community Foundation has welcomed Julia Pazzano as their Summer Writer.

Julia Pazzano is entering her fourth year at St. Thomas University where she is pursuing an Honours in English and a major in Journalism. She is an occasional writer for the campus newspaper The Aquinian and will be the copy editor of the University of New Brunswick’s student publication The Brunswickan starting in the fall. 

Since moving to New Brunswick from southern Ontario, Julia is fond of finding new adventures and exploring everything that her community has to offer. 

Her passion for storytelling and love of writing drove her to pursue a career in journalism and she is eager to start by telling the amazing stories of the donors and recipients in collaboration with the Fredericton Community Foundation.

Julia will be telling the stories of organizations that we fund, as well as stories of our donors, for publication in the annual report, newsletter and for our website. Please feel free to reach out to Julia if you have a story about your project that you want told!

Katie Beers