Philanthropy in Action Award Recipients Named

John Waite and The Waite Family, including Wilfred Waite, Walter Waite, and Dale Hunter, have been named the 2018 recipients of the Fredericton Community Foundation’s Philanthropy in Action Award.  They will receive their awards at a gala dinner celebration presented by Stewart McKelvey on May 24th, 2018 at the Fredericton Inn. 

The Philanthropy in Action Award honours members of the Greater Fredericton region who have given of their time, talent and financial resources for the well-being of the community and surrounding areas.  This year’s honorees have all been long-standing and humble contributors to worthy causes in our community, volunteering their very special talents and countless hours to causes that they also support financially.

The Waite Family, owners of The Fredericton Inn, are keen supporters of a multitude of organizations in the area, some of which include The Fredericton Food Bank, Fredericton District Soccer Association, Ducks Unlimited, VON Fredericton, Portage Atlantic, Habitat for Humanity, Jobs Unlimited, the IWK and The Chalmer’s Hospital Foundation. The list of positions that the Waite family has held over the years has varied including roles as Chair of committees, to President and Member of different associations, to Coach and to Sponsor, but all nominators have mentioned the commitment to the welfare of the Greater Fredericton Region and the extra mile that they go to enhance the community. The Waite’s have been active in supporting numerous fundraising initiatives including that of the new YMCA in 2009/2010, in which they offered a substantial lead donation that helped kick off the eventual success of the project.

John Waite himself has received honours from Fredericton Sports Investment and the Dr. Bill MacGillivary Award which honored his volunteer service and commitment to excellence in the field of sports and recreation.  He is also a recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal for his contributions to Canada, as well as The Paul Harris Award, Alzheimer Champion Award and the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Citizen Award. Despite his many accolades and achievements, John is repeatedly referred to as a “quiet, and modest individual who, like his family, is totally devoted to enhancing the community”.

The Waite family has most commonly been recognized for their continual support of Non-Profits and different community organizations through means of the Fredericton Inn. Their tangible ongoing contributions come in the form of board room use and discounted rates for many organizations such as The United Way, the Canadian Cancer Society and the Miramichi Salmon Association, to name a few. By providing these services to the organizations at little to no cost, they allow for the long-term success of the organizations in the Fredericton area, entirely in the spirit of community collaboration.

The Waite’s have given hundreds of hours each year to their philanthropic activities, on top of their generous financial contributions.  The kindness and respect that they pay to everyone in our community, regardless of position, is a shining example of philanthropy in action.

The public is invited to attend the Philanthropy in Action Awards dinner.  Tickets are $125.  Corporate sponsorship opportunities also exist.  For details, please contact the Fredericton Community Foundation at 454-2262 or email them at   


Katie Beers